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The Self-Esteem Diamond

By on August 1, 2013
Screen shot 2013 08 17 at 1.57.17 PM 300x336 - The Self-Esteem Diamond

Personality comes from the decisions we have made about who we are. If we have decided that we are a kind,  loving,     truthful, responsible human being, and we practice performing in the ways that display those traits then we are living professionally and in integrity.

Performance comes from the way we do our job. If we are skilled and do our work reliably and impeccably, we have either chosen a profession in which we have natural talent or we have learned the skills necessary to do the job professionally.

Presentation comes from the way we respect and care for our body, space and things. If we have decided to present our space, our things and ourselves as clean, healthy, well kept and appreciated, we are displaying our decision to be a professional, respectful of ourselves and others.

Self-Esteem is an on-going process that comes from connecting with our soul and spiritual potential through self-acceptance, meditation, prayer, release, communing with nature and/or requesting strength from our higher power, source, spirit or god. It is a process of balancing our lives by consciously attending to our Soul—personality, Mind—performance and our Body—presentation.

Professionalism, High Self-Esteem and Integrity come from being whole and in balance, from "the experience of being capable of meeting life’s challenges and being worthy of happiness". Our decision to be a reliable performer, and respectful in our presentation guarantees our capability. Our decision to stay connected with our unlimited potential assures us that we are worthy of happiness and brings us into harmony and  peace.

The bottom line is integrity, the integration of body, mind, and soul (physical, performance and personality) all three must be sending the same message – I am (your name) and I like who I am.

Our personality, what we know to be true about us – that we are kind, loving people who want to make a positive difference in our world, must be validated and supported by our physical presentation and our performance in order to live a successful and balanced life.

When we make good decisions and choices regarding who we are, we grow to love them and ourselves. With love comes the energy and desire to perform as we have chosen to be and with that performance comes the opportunity to select the physical needs and wants that support who we are and what we do. With such integrity comes the need to share our knowledge and love with others.

How we perceive ourselves is not inbred, but learned through society. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about others. Harmonious living is learned behavior. We are responsible                                for and in control of our self-esteem! The final point is: we get what we give. To continuously get the self-esteem we desire, we must continuously share it with others. Go now and teach what works                                      and has worked in all that you have learned on this site and in the days of your life. Give away, share your knowledge, support and love your neighbor, and your self-esteem will continue to grow in an                               unlimited and magnificent way.

Our growth in self-esteem results in the "inner treasure": Peace of Mind. With this peace comes the ability to live peacefully with others. So, our self-esteem comes from taking responsibility for you.

Courtesy of the La Belle Foundation www.selfesteem.org             

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