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Let’s Talk About Alkalinity

By on January 20, 2016
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As children we’re taught two golden rules: eat your vegetables and go outside to play. 
As it turns out, both these rules are also the pillars of an alkaline lifestyle! 

Yet, as we age, we forget the importance of such a simple mantra: eat green and exercise. Our fast-paced lifestyles have led to a lack of exercise and poor eating habits. What happened to the simple rules of childhood?

The Standard American Diet (SAD) lacks the necessary nutrients our bodies need to function properly. Think of your body like a car. If you put diesel into a gas car the car will stop running. The same is true with our bodies. On top of our poor diets, most of us also have jobs that keep us tied to our desks. Guess what? Our bodies don’t actually like sitting for hours! If you leave your car sitting in the garage all winter, you’re going to have a hard time starting it in the spring. 

Lack of exercise and poor diets lead to one of the most common conditions: hyperacidity. The fact is, we need some acidity in our bodies (especially our stomachs) because it helps to break down our food (especially fats and proteins). Stomach acid presents a natural barrier, so unwanted visitors can’t enter our systems, and most importantly, stomach acid allows us to absorb alkaline minerals that help balance acidity. 

In a healthy person, the acidity levels in the body are balanced.
If you add stress on top of a diet that consists mostly of refined sugars, starches and meats, then acidity levels in your body will rise, slowly exhausting the body’s alkalinity reservoirs, and disturbing the balance.

Hyperacidity (or alkaline exhaustion) begins to rear its ugly head with such warning signs as reflux and inflammation. The body’s acid management system is overloaded, which can lead to a depletion of alkaline minerals. This depletion is linked to osteoporosis. 

In times of disbalance, acids can also be deposited, beginning in the connective tissues of the periphery (hands, feet, joints, tendons, skin). Over time, acid can spread into more central tissues, wreaking havoc along the way.  More and more research points to a connection between systemic hyperacidity and inflammation.

Don’t be discouraged! The damage caused by acidity can be repaired. Juicing, eating whole foods, taking certain supplements, participating in regular exercise and practicing meditation all help to create balance and restore your body. 

What are the side effects of becoming more alkaline? Inflammation slowly disappears, pain levels drop, flexibility increases, energy rises, mood improves, activity levels increase, and skin clears.

Dieting fads can be overwhelming. Most people avoid diets because the thought of cutting out our favourite foods is depressing. Diets set us up to fail. If you can’t eat carbs, then the second you “cheat” you feel as though you’re done for. By removing negative and loaded terms like “cheat” from our vocabulary, when referring to our eating habits, we have suddenly created a much healthier relationship with food. 
The body is a complicated machine; however, we do need to start taking responsibility and informing ourselves; so, we can make better choices. Begin by changing the way you think about food and exercise. Food shouldn’t be treated as a punishment/reward system, nor should exercise. 

Find alkaline foods that you like to eat and start to implement them into your everyday diet. Get your body moving. Hate the gym? Great, don’t go! But find something you like and do it. Exercise shouldn’t be about losing weight, it should be about enjoying your body and what it has to offer you. Speak with a health professional before making any changes. As it turns out, the old adage of “eat your vegetables and get outside to play” isn’t just for kids.

Cyrus Kuhzarani, R.Phm was born and raised in Muenster, Germany. He graduated from Pharmacy School in Dusseldorf in 1996. Cyrus moved to Canada in 2000 and has spent the last fifteen years as a compounding pharmacist in the local Ottawa community. 

He has worked with patients and health professionals in a multitude of areas, including pain management, diabetes, and scleroderma. As the founder and formulator of Pure Lab Vitamins, Cyrus has brought six products to market.  He lives in Wakefield, Quebec with his wife and two children.  Visit

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  1. dr.d d choudhary

    February 14, 2016 at 6:28 am

    very good article to motivate people , mantra is motive , motivate and motivate all mainly mothers inform , involve, interact, communicae,,,,,counsell and teach, good nutrition and exercise. no need to waste money in Gym. or Jogging simple house hold work , walking some isometeric and isotonic exercice, Yoga walk, turn bend during sitting. Sedentry habits are worse than smoking.Go for whole plant based diet for alkalinity ,meat beef causes acidosis and plant based diet any no of times in large quantities, reverse the omega 3 and omega 6 ratio in diet avoid all fast ,junk food will increase the alkalinity of blood, little perspiration will help reducing toxins in body.

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