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Tabata Workouts, What’s all the Hype?

By on July 25, 2017
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Many of us start the New Year with the plan to lose those last few pounds in time for the swimsuit season. However a lot of the time, work, life and social events get in the way of our fitness and health goals. Hours in the gym, or even getting to the gym can seem overwhelming.  TV hosts, entrepreneurs and mothers of three, Vanessa and Melissa have both been there!  Melissa is a personal trainer and certified holistic health coach, and she has written a few sample TABATA workouts that you can do in just 20 minutes. 

Not only are these workouts only 20 minutes, one of them does not even require gym equipment, so you can do this before you even get your day started in the privacy of your living room!

Research has shown that Tabata workouts as short as 4-8 minutes, are effective for weight loss! The best part about these workouts is how quick they are. Perfect for our busy society! You can download this awesome app and set it up for the timed workouts below.

Sample Tabata Workouts

Warm-up: 5 minutes

Exercise Interval 20 seconds

Rest Interval 10 seconds

Repeat 8 sets


**repeat 4x**

cool Down: 5 minutes

Tabata Full Body (gym equipment required):

 8x 1 leg on bench, single leg squat (alternate leg each time

recover 1 minute

4 x Alternating leg extensions

4 x Bent knee dead lifts

recover 1 minute

4 x Lat pull down

4 x Tricep pushdowns

recover 1 minute

8 x Bicep curl into an over head press (this will burn!)

recover 1 minute

Tabata Upper Body Workout (gym equipment required):

8 x Wide Grip Lat bar pull down

recover 1 minute

4 x pushups agains a wall or bench

4 x bench dips

recover 1 minute

4 x overhead shoulder press

4 x air squats (no weight)

recover 1 minute

4 x bicep curls

4 x shoulder flies

recover 1 minute

Tabata Lower Body Workout:

8 x across room lunges

recover 1 minute

4 x leg extensions

4 x standing leg curls

recover 1 minute

4 x plie squat with a dumbell

4 x alternating standing lunges with dumbbell in hands

recover 1 minute

4 x side lunges across the room (switch direction each rep)

4 x wall sits for the 20 seconds

recover 1 minute

You should aim to complete 1 of these workouts 3-4 times a week! And make sure to join us over on social media as we both go through our own fitness and health journey, as two mamas of three!




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