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Surprising Things that are Good for Your Health

By on March 1, 2017
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It’s obvious that getting a balanced diet, enjoying regular exercise, and getting a lot of sleep are essential for good health. But, there are also more things you may not have considered like chatting with friends, playing games, and even crying that can also help us achieve a healthier way of life.

So, here’s a look at some surprising things that show that staying fit isn’t all about hitting the gym.

Having an active social life can work wonders in making us feel better, whilst staving off unpleasant afflictions like depression and anxiety. A study by the Brigham Young University revealed that those with a smaller circle of friends have a 50% higher odds of dying compared to those with a wide social network.

Drinking alcohol in large quantities is obviously a big no-no, but it’s worth remembering that a moderate alcohol intake can have some benefits as red wine is rich in antioxidants, whilst beer can help stave off heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

Video Games
Far from being a passive activity, playing video games has been found to be a good way of keeping our brains healthy through boosting our memory powers and long-term strategic skills. And with the likes of Lucky Nugget Casino showing us how even a simple game of bingo can increase reaction speeds, it shows that there’s more to gaming than meets the eye.

Most of us will usually try to hold back the tears, but it seems that the activity of of crying can be good for us. This is because crying releases stress hormones that relaxes muscles, decreases tension and restores our nervous systems back to normal. And with the shedding of tears also acting to remove toxins and reduce the body’s manganese levels, it shows how we all need a good cry every now and then.

Surfing the Internet
And finally, whilst we all know those lethargic feelings that are caused by spending too long on the internet, it seems as though spending some time in the online realm can be good for our brains. This is because a team of Californian scientists found that older adults improved their brain power by doing searches on the internet. So whether that means searching for the best online casino in Canada, or even just looking for more unusual health tips, it shows how there’s more than one way to stay fit!


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