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Get A New Perspective on Stress

By on October 30, 2015
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If you’re not sleeping and feeling fatigued, consider a management plan for stress, which includes ashwagandha and holy basil.

Stress is something that everyone encounters daily, whether it is your body shivering to warm itself up from the cold, not getting enough sleep or managing a particularly challenging day. We all experience stress, but we don’t always have proper strategies for managing our body’s reaction to it. Excess stress elevates the production of the hormone cortisol which negatively impacts inflammation, restful sleep, memory, our mood cycles and our ability to fight off illness.  When your body is always on high alert stress sets us up for many chronic illnesses; so, it becomes very important to have resources at hand.

Having a solution for managing our daily stress is essential for remaining healthy and happy. When we can’t get away from a stressful situation having an herbal solution can be the difference between being crippled by an event or rising above a situational circumstance. StressCare by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a clinically proven herbal remedy designed to manage the effects of stress, normalizing cortisol levels, promoting productive wakefulness, restful sleep, balancing mood and anxiety levels. StressCare is a non-drowsy formula that can be taken on the job or on the road to provide a steady, energizing feeling of well-being. Unlike many other stress formulations available StressCare has been clinically tested on people not petri dishes!

Based on Ayurvedic practice, StressCare is formulated using powerful adaptogens called rejuvenators or life extenders.  Ashwagandha supports energy without overstimulation, providing energy and adrenal support by reinforcing the thyroid gland. A prized adaptogen, it supports normal cortisol levels, normal thyroid hormone levels, and also allows you to experience restful sleep when needed and more productive wakefulness.  

Holy basil is one of India’s most broad-spectrum herbs and puts the reins on your stress response. Often called “The incomparable one,” holy basil promotes a greater sense of ease and tranquility, gifting you with a more positive outlook while enhancing your immune system and digestive capability.

StressCare has been extensively tested for safety and efficacy; so, you know it works. During a four week, double blind placebo controlled trial StressCare significantly  improved the quality of life of the StressCare group. 92% of the StressCare group reported less fatigue, versus only 25% of those taking the placebo. In addition, 93% of the StressCare group reported they had far more dependable sleep, versus only 27% of those on the placebo.  

StressCare is a powerful herbal combination that has been designed to give your body the tools to deal with stress, building up reserves within your nervous system so that conflict and anxiety can be better tolerated without losing the ability to function productively. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is committed to pure, clean formulations that are proven safe and effective.  

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a worldwide pioneer and a global leader in the field of scientifically validated herbal healthcare.  Integrating the principles of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and modern science Himalaya has built a stellar reputation on clinically studied, pure and safe herbal products that deliver results!  StressCare has nearly 40 years of clinical research behind it!

Nadine Nellissen has been interested in wholistic health since her involvement in sports at an early age. It was from an athletic viewpoint she realized the important connection between physical exercise, diet and emotional health.

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    June 28, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Stress is inevitable in this modern time. One of the best ways to relieve stress and tension is massage. Registered massage therapist  for Swedish massage, will help you relax and loosen muscles.

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