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Proving the Safety and Efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia

By on April 22, 2015
Screen Shot 2015 04 22 at 9.15.38 PM 300x336 - Proving the Safety and Efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia

How does garcinia cambogia research measure up? Himalaya Herbal Health Care’s human clinical trials are proving Himalaya garcinia both supports a natural body weight and promotes healthy cholesterol levels.

Garcinia cambogia is an effective herbal aid to launch and support any weight management program. Its lengthy historical use for reducing cravings and controlling appetite has worked for generations and is now being confirmed through leading edge
scientific studies completed by Himalaya Herbal Health Care.

Himalaya validates the safety and efficacy of their products through their own human clinical trials, using their own product. The dosage used in the clinical trials is the same suggested dosage on the purchased product. This allows for an increased rate of success because an appropriate time frame for expected change is suggested.

Double blind placebo controlled studies completed on the Himalaya garcinia, have
shown that in as little as 6 weeks, by taking one caplet twice daily post meals, feelings of
satiety and fullness increase; reducing occasions of overeating. Other Himalaya studies showed that garcinia can also help maintain a natural body weight, and help promote healthy cholesterol and lipid levels.

For example, one four month clinical trial showed that Garcinia was able to reduce BMI by 31.3% with no toxicity or adverse reactions observed in any of the patients. Himalaya garcinia not only prevents the formation of fat, but also promotes the “burning” of stored fat. Garcinia’s ability to enhance weight management stems from the phytochemicals contained in the fruit of this plant. A key entity is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA has been shown to play 3 key roles that may lead to the promotion of fat loss and weight management.

1. HCA reduces the conversion of blood-sugar to fat. It does this by inhibiting ATP citrate lyase, an enzyme that converts sugars into fatty acids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, thus supporting the body’s lipid profile.

2. HCA redirects incoming food and stored fat into glycogen. Glycogen is the body’s instant form of energy and does not spike blood sugar levels. This allows the body to feel more energized and receive more vitality.

3. Lastly, HCA also signals and increases feeling of satiety, which reduces appetite and cravings. Himalaya recognizes that HCA is a key component in Garcinia and has dedicated a significant portion of the formula to contain a 65% HCA extraction. However, in addition to HCA, Himalaya finds value in all plant elements, such as the fruit, fruit rind and leaf powder. Himalaya garcinia uses the entire fingerprint of the plant. This is important because there are constituents and co-factors in the whole herb that are necessary to
provide the positive health benefits people have experienced from the traditional use of

Himalaya garcinia is organically grown in the native habitat of the evergreen forests of India where it has been naturally harvested and grown for hundreds of years. Himalaya garcinia is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides and extracted using a patented process that retains the full symphony and proportion of the plant constituents and co-factors. Himalaya does this by keeping the extraction method the same as traditional practices, by using water, resulting in a clean, pure, extract free of solvents.

Utilizing a patent pending process, Himalaya then binds their garcinia into a caplet using components of the plant itself. This revolutionary process not only provides the whole herb, but also makes it the only USDA certified garcinia on the market in a capsule or tablet form.

Integrating the principles of traditional medicine and modern science, Himalaya is a
world pioneer in the field of scientifically validated herbal healthcare. Himalaya holds
a reputation for clinically studied, pure, and safe herbal health care products that are
based on extensive scientific validation and stringent quality controls.

Nadine Nellisson has been interested in wholistic health since her involvement in sports at an early age. It was from an athletic viewpoint she realized the important connection between physical exercise, diet and emotional health. Nadine offers practical, as well as inspirational ways to approach and understand health.

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