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Natural Niagara

By on January 21, 2014
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   I bet you didn’t know that Niagara Falls, Ontario is one of the most health-filled places in Canada. Oh, you didn’t? Well, let me tell you why a visit to Niagara Falls is good for your health!

   Not only is Niagara Falls home to nearly 50 kilometers of outdoor recreational trails spanning the entire City and the length of the Niagara River in Niagara Falls, it is home to some of the most scenic views in all of Canada! From vistas high atop the Niagara River in the Niagara Glen, to the picturesque Niagara Escarpment and the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls, I dare you not to take a picture with your phone if you’re out for a walk around here. An invitation to “take a hike” in Niagara Falls has a whole new meaning! From the Bruce Trail, Millenium Trail, to the Laura Secord Commemorative Trail and more, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy the scenery in a healthful, mindful way that puts you right in the midst of nature and right next to natural wonders that inspire!

   In fact, one of the greatest benefits of healthy living in Niagara is that it can be seamlessly combined with having fun! An afternoon bike ride or trail hike can easily be accompanied by a family-friendly lakeside picnic where you could perhaps “go fly a kite,” or take a dip at one of our area beaches and “go jump in a lake!” All joking aside, your scenic outdoor adventure could be capped off with a delectably fresh culinary experience at any one of our fine home grown and locally established restaurants with a farm-to-table culture.

   Some of the most renowned Canadian Chefs and those that are front and centre on the world’s stage are coming here to help advance the slow food movement. Farming where the earth is rich, seasonally harvesting ripe and ready foods and serving up creative and inspiring dishes that delight the senses in a natural, healthy way is what makes Niagara a culinary hub. Chefs like Jamie Kennedy, Anna Olsen and Massimo Capra all have Niagara ties and those and many more have inspired our good taste!

   Not convinced yet? Well, how about this for amazing… There’s even more to the health of Niagara Falls than meets the eye, or the taste-buds. The Falls itself produces some of the highest concentrations of naturally occurring negative IONS in the world. Haven’t heard of them? Google them. These healing blockbusters are sought after in medical practices over much of the world in Europe and throughout the Eastern globe. You will be amazed with the vast and varied healing properties, sense of well-being and vitality they produce. From asthma to kidney ailments from heart disease to cancer, negative IONS have been praised for their ability to repair, heal and prevent disease in a massive way. So if you haven’t been here in a while… come and breathe it all in! Niagara Falls is good for you. I told you.

   How else might you enjoy, relax or inject a little soulful healing in Niagara Falls? Well, a little known fact about us is that we are the home to an all-natural Salt Room; a therapeutic respiratory healing treatment based in Speleo/ Halotherapy. In this Salt Room, a micro-climate is created which is known to be highly effective against many types of respiratory, heart, cardiovascular, and dermatological conditions. Salt healing therapy has been used in Europe for more than 50 years and is alive and well here in our City!

   We also boast a multitude of certified wellness centres and luxury spas that offer therapeutic healing, registered massage therapy and acupuncture just to name a few. From Five Lakes Spa Aveda, to Senses, Serenity and Elements Spas, there is something for everyone’s taste in “R&R.”

    Perhaps the next retreat, convention or sports event for you or your children will be held here. When it is, I invite you to stay for a while with the family and to enjoy a healthy getaway and take it all in. Get away. Put on your vacation hat and leave with a healthful perspective in Niagara Falls.

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