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Learn Life Saving Defensive Twists

By on October 30, 2015
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Avital Zeisler, a former Toronto ballerina turned self-defense expert shares the moves she’s developed to help women survive an attack. While running alone or in a relationship women can be put at risk. 

Avital has trained with experts in self-defense from around the world; including military personnel, law enforcement officials, security specialists and martial arts masters and realized none of the self-defensive programs took into account the extra difficulties women face when being attacked.  To counter women’s strength, size and other factors, she developed the Soteria Method for ultimate fitness and to help keep women safe.

What are some of the extra difficulties women can face in the event of an attack?    
Women need to believe that they can mentally and physically survive any life threatening altercation or assault. It all starts with the mind and its ability to work through the process of developing an authentic survival mindset – without compromising the quality of your life, your positive perspective towards life, and of course your femininity.

Developing an effective survival mindset requires women to confront and break through mental boundaries that would prevent them from doing whatever is necessary to survive a threatening situation.This means that a woman will work through emotional, physical and even spiritual barriers. Every woman experiences this process uniquely; but there are commonalities such as overcoming the common barriers of politeness, physical contact, inflicting pain, and fighting against a known attacker.

On the physical side of the transformation, there is a way to learn the mechanics of self-defense in a way that a woman does not need to rely on physical strength or greater size to survive a situation.

Where are women's main physical power sources?
The core of the body is the power source. For Upper Body Combatives, I outline a Combative Twist that allows Upper Body Combatives to generate both speed and force. For Lower Body Combatives (kicks and defensive knees), the power source comes from the hips.

How does the Soteria Method help women release themselves from a front or side choke hold?
The Soteria Method shows women how to tactically release and counter from a choke hold. The first goal is to get both feet in the survival stance to ensure that the woman is able to stay standing as she simultaneously releases the choke hold. This is done by creating a lock around the near side wrist. To release the grip, there will be two actions taking place at the same time: the locking arm will release the grip as the defender completes a Combative Twist while the far side hand plucks the attacker’s grip.

Without over twisting to risk losing sight or exposing the back, a woman will immediately employ a Back Hammer Fist to disrupt the attackers thought process. From there, she will close in with an Under Hook Temporary Control Hold, then continue to weaken the attacker with combatives until she can disengage and escape safely.

Is the six week program being taught in Ontario, Canada?
The six week program is taught exclusively in the book. The Method will be holding it's first Instructor Course in Fall, 2015. We are excited and look forward to having brand ambassadors and instructors bring the Soteria Method into their communities.

Avital Zeisler is a former professional ballerina from Toronto, a certified ACE (American Council of Exercise) personal fitness trainer, a personal and corporate safety consultant, and a motivational speaker. She is the creator of the Soteria Method and the author of “Weapons of Fitness.”

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