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The Legacy of Jim Strauss

By on January 25, 2017
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“I cure heart disease” – Jim Strauss

Seventh generation herbalist Jim Strauss publicly claimed to cure heart disease in 1985 with his 300-year-old family formula. Now, 35 years later, despite investigation, his claim has still never been disproved. In fact, there are court records that contain the testimony of five individuals who all had heart disease, all had bypass surgery, and all needed a second surgery. Some of them said they would rather die than go through the surgery and recovery process again, and others were told they would not make it through the repeat procedure. All five of these individuals – with nowhere left to turn – tried Strauss Heartdrops®. They all got better and they all went back to work (they were previously too sick to work). Without exception, they credit Strauss Heartdrops® as the cure. 

Why are there court documents? Well, when Jim made the claim (he drove around in a van that said “I cure heart disease” on the side) there were many in the medical field and governing bodies that weren’t too happy about an old herbalist claiming he could cure heart disease (a feat they still haven’t managed). It’s quite a claim to make, and who could blame them for investigating? It wasn’t long before Jim and his son Peter were charged with 72 counts of practicing medicine without a license. But during the court proceedings, when positive evidence of the formula’s effects came to light, the government promptly dropped the case, and no more was said or done. This type of claim is now illegal to make regardless of whether it is true or not. Canadians still have the option to invest in an arterial cleanse and prove it to themselves. 

Stephen Case, The Vigilant Chef is a practitioner of culinary medicine and a natural health researcher with 25 years of experience. He is a classically trained French chef specializing in herbology, nutrition, supplements and superfoods. 


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