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Essentials of Children’s Nutrition

By on September 30, 2015
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A child’s nutritional health should, ideally, come from good nutritionally dense and mineral rich foods. A regular diet rich in essential nutrients are necessary to keep your child healthy and happy. 

When families are faced with picky eaters and ‘on the go’ lifestyles, getting the proper foods with minimal processing or additives can be incredibly hard. Many families choose to use a multivitamin to ensure their children are receiving enough nutrients required to support optimal health, well-being, brain function and energy.

Nourishment from Nature
With an increased focus on children’s nutritional well-being from health care professionals and parents alike, the demand for a clean, food rich multivitamin has never been more apparent.  Choosing the right multivitamin is as important as any other healthy choice you’ll make for your child. It is incredibly important to understand that not all multivitamins are made the same way!  A children’s multivitamin should include a variety of nutrients derived from whole foods. Whole foods retain the natural structure our bodies require to recognize and uptake a nutrient as they contain important enzymes, peptides and phytonutrients, known as cofactors.  Cofactors improve bioavailability and support proper utilization and functionality of vitamins and minerals.  

In addition to selecting a multivitamin derived from whole food sources, it should also be free of unnecessary additives like gluten, sugars, fillers and potential allergens like soy, wheat or tree nuts.  Most multivitamins for children are available in gummies or chewables which often contain added sugars and sweeteners that end up eroding the benefits of taking a multivitamin.  Some also contain artificial colours, which should also be avoided, especially if your child is dealing with ADD or ADHD.  

Everything You Want, Nothing You Don’t
With all the children’s multivitamins available today, selecting one that has all the nutrients you want, without the unnecessary additives, can be difficult.  Trusted by parents, and approved by children, worldwide, Animal Parade Sugar Free Children’s Multivitamins contain the essential nutrients required for healthy growth and development. Packed into each serving of a fun animal shaped chewable are 18 essential vitamins and minerals derived from whole food sources. Animal Parade Multivitamins are made using whole food concentrates from apple fruit pectin, rose hips, mango, broccoli, spinach leaf, carrot root, west Indian cherry, papaya and brown rice, all rich in bioflavonoids. As an added benefit, the antioxidant quality of bioflavonoids can help boost immune function. All Animal Parade chewables are naturally flavoured and coloured and sweetened with tooth friendly xylitol, providing an irresistibly delicious taste with 40% less calories than sugar! Available in cherry, orange, grape, watermelon and assorted flavours.  

While we can never underestimate the benefits of eating a balanced diet of fresh, whole and unprocessed foods, it can be difficult to manage daily and children’s eating habits are constantly changing. A healthy diet helps children grow and learn while reinforcing lifelong values that will contribute to their overall well-being and help them reach their full potential. Complement those values and jump start your child’s health with Animal Parade Sugar Free Chewable Multivitamins.

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