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Three Easy Ways to Detox

By on June 2, 2016
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Cleansing doesn’t need to be harsh or complicated. Here are 3 gentle ways to detox 
that can be easily integrated into each and every day:

Skin brushing is a great way to help aid detoxification. The idea of brushing your skin might seem a little unusual, but it’s actually very effective at helping to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and eliminate toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.[1]

Skin brushes are thick bristled brushes usually attached to a long wooden handle, often removable, and can be found at most health food stores. Always skin brush before a bath or shower while the skin is still dry. In circular motions, brush
toward your heart — up the arms, legs, and abdomen and down the shoulders and chest.

Water is easily one of the most simple and effective ways to eliminate toxins from our body. Not only is it hydrating, it helps to flush out accumulated waste in our gastrointestinal tract by promoting healthy bowel movements and urinary function.[2]
Experiment with your water by adding fruits such as lemon or lime and herbs such as rosemary, mint, or fennel. Not only do each of these foods help boost our metabolism and stimulate digestion, they also give water a refreshing, tangy twist. Add to a large glass of water and let infuse for a few minutes. Try this easy blend: 1L filtered water, 1/2 fresh lemon, 3 leaves mint.

Eating fibre rich foods or adding additional fibre to our diet is an excellent way to move debris out of our system, support bowel regularity and help maintain balanced blood sugar levels.[3]

There are two main types of fibre: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre becomes gel-like during digestion and helps bind to toxins and other particles such as cholesterol, whereas insoluble fibre acts like a “scrub brush” against the intestines and helps add bulk to the stool. I like to recommend foods that are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre to obtain the benefits of both. These include apples with skin on, chia seeds, and ground flaxseed. Add a spoonful or two of flaxseed into your morning smoothie or bowl of oatmeal. Tip: Always make sure to grind whole flaxseeds into a powder, or purchase pre-ground flax meal to ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

A handful of small, healthy lifestyle changes can make a big difference in how we look and feel, and can improve everything from our digestion to our energy levels. Consider starting out with these simple tips that can be easily incorporated into each day.

Meghan Livingstone is a certified Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for all things simple and natural. For more tips and inspiration, visit her website at or check her out on YouTube at

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