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Get Cold Weather Joint Support

By on January 18, 2016
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With all the holiday festivities, traditions, and fun activities you can do with the arrival of snow, who wouldn’t love winter?  Well, for those who suffer from joint pain, it can be the time of year they dread the most. The arrival of snow for them can mean months of aches, pains and suffering.   

The body has many types of joints, but when it comes to weather related discomfort the synovial joints are most susceptible.  A synovial joint has two bone ends covered by articular cartilage, which is smooth by design, so it can reduce friction during movement. Surrounding the bones is a joint capsule comprised of an outer fibrous layer providing stability and an inner layer, known as the synovial membrane, filled with synovial fluid, which lubricates the joint. 

There are several areas in your knee where pain and discomfort can occur due to your pain receptors being triggered by various stimuli.  Pressure, stretch, temperature, or chemical mediators associated with swelling or damage will trigger pain receptors and send the brain a message that “this hurts.” Keeping these stimuli in check can help reduce the perception of discomfort.

Most joint pain sufferers will pay a visit to their doctor for a solution, which usually involves pain killers or anti-inflammatory medications as a solution.  Others, looking for a more natural solution may go to their local health store and purchase turmeric, boswellia, or a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement.  

Another option available that requires no supplementation and is drug free is using braces and clothing made from circulation enhancing fabric designed to increase blood flow.  A company that is making a name for themselves by producing products made from a revolutionary, therapeutic fabric is Incrediwear.

What is Special about Incrediwear fabric?
Incrediwear’s therapeutic fabric contains circulation enhancing elements, germanium and carbon derived from charcoal.  These elements are ground into a fine powder, and infused into the fibres used to weave Incrediwear braces, socks and apparel.  Germanium and carbon are incredible semiconductors, which are activated by your body heat, creating cellular vibrations that dramatically increase blood flow. This increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to the affected area, promoting faster healing while reducing pain and inflammation.

Incrediwear’s active fabric is proven in medical tests to increase resting blood flow by up to 21.6% and blood speed by up to 22.2%.  Increasing blood flow can also help keep you warm in cool weather, and cool in warm weather. Incrediwear products are also antimicrobial and odour resistant, making it perfect for travel, hiking, running, playing sports and other demanding activities.

Who can Benefit most from Incrediwear?
Incrediwear fabric activates almost as soon as it comes in contact with your skin, increasing your circulation within minutes. 

It’s not uncommon for long-term sufferers to feel relief almost instantly, while most wearers begin to notice benefits within 20 minutes. Incrediwear can help accelerate recovery, decrease fatigue, and alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by: 

✔ Joint pain
✔ Arthritis & tendinitis
✔ Sports injuries and sprains
✔ Tired & aching muscles

In addition to their highly successful line of braces, their Circulation+ socks are fantastic for anyone who currently uses compression socks for vascular conditions.  They are incredibly comfortable, easy to put on and were designed to improve circulation and ease discomfort for people suffering from: 

✔ Diabetes
✔ Neuropathy
✔ Reynaud’s syndrome
✔ Edema
✔ Peripheral vascular disease
✔ Varicose veins

Incrediwear products were developed by medical professionals, based on scientific trials and research and are recommended by medical professionals, used by professional athletes and active people everywhere. 

Available in Canada through Peak Performance Products.

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  1. dr.d d choudhary

    February 14, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Main cause of pain in winter and cloudy season is variation of atomospheric pressure which effects the synovial health and inflammation, prolong sitting sleeping synovial flud trickles down to base because of gravity. Ideal thing to do is streching of joint, mildYoga exercise after sleep, mild massage, oil massage in sun if possible before bath. heat to joint, protect the joints from cold exposure ,joint support Incrediwear will give support,provide heat prevent sudden cold exposure to joints main  cause of joint pain, as well most important psychological well being and positve emotion to remain active during day time acts as mild pump to increase circulations,increases exercise tolerence,as well good cosmitic fashionable look to out smat others if going out. Dr D D Choudhary

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