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By on January 12, 2018

Ever since she learned how to board, snowboarding has served as an avenue for Baily to achieve what she didn’t think was possible. Her accomplishments for the 2016/ 2017 season include a 1st in slopestyle in the Sport Chek Air Nation Nationals at Mount St. Louis Moonstone and a 1st place at the Sport Chek Air Nation event at Sun Peaks, as well as a 3rd place in the US Revolution Tour.

Baily McDonald “BAILS
National Team: Slopestyle / Big Air National Team
Nicknames: “Bails” or “Bai”
Age: 20
Hometown: Barrie, ON
Residence: Barrie, ON
Sponsors: Roxy, Smith Optics, TimeBomb Trading Inc, Muskoka Woods, Tropical North, Union Bindings

Snowboarding has also motivated Baily to try and inspire others to reach new heights by believing in themselves. “They might surprise themselves of what they can accomplish,” says McDonald.

The Rise of Superman is one of her favourite reads as this book describes the powerful feeling of “flow state” the same state Baily can relate to when she is snowboarding. When she is not on the mountain she is often with friends and family, skateboarding, surfing or dirt biking. She is always looking to learn new tricks with emphasis on style, keeping her riding fun as she looks to take on the 2018 season.

Reaching New Heights
1st, Sport Chek Air Nation Nationals, 2017
1st, Sport Chek Air Nation Sun Peaks, 2017
3rd, US Revolution Tour, 2017
6th Winter Youth Olympics, 2016

I hope to inspire others by encouraging them to find and continue to believe in themselves and never to give up what their dreams, goals and aspirations are.

Q&A Baily’s magic isn’t just in the air but also in her desire to inspire others. 

I hope to inspire others by encouraging them to find and continue to believe in themselves and never to give up on what their dreams, goals and aspirations are. Also, something I practice daily, and encourage others to do is positive self-motivation. Try and push your boundaries everyday and look past your fears. Once you do that, then you’re doing more of what you love.

Try and push your boundaries everyday and look past your fears. . .

Q&A “The Rise of Superman” is one of your favourite reads. This book describes the powerful feeling of “flow state” you’ve said you relate to when snowboarding. What’s that like and how do you stay mentally strong in the face of competitions and in day to day life?

When I’m competing, I get a different feeling then when I am just riding in the park with my friends, or any other “training” day. It’s almost like my whole body goes into focus mode. When it’s time to do my run, and I’m waiting for them to let me drop, I visualize what I’m doing on each feature and breathe. Once I get the go-ahead to drop in, its like everything around me gets blocked out and I’m only focused on what’s in front of me. I can’t even hear my music in my ears after I drop in, it’s so crazy. Staying mentally strong in contests and everyday life is kind of similar. If you think negative thoughts, you’re going to have a negative outcome. So, staying positive and having self-positive talk is really important for me.

Q&A How has food and a healthy lifestyle made a difference in your performance? What’s your favourite winter comfort food?

Good food and having a healthy lifestyle has really made me a better snowboarder in many ways. Having a good gym plan and following it, is also especially important for my performance. With slope style and big air, snowboarders don’t always land perfectly. So, following a strength and conditioning program really helps when you land awkwardly and can help you recover from it faster than someone who isn’t staying strong and doing workouts. I go to the gym to be a better snowboarder, plain and simple. Eating healthy foods with the combination of staying active in the gym and snowboarding results in me being a stronger person physically and emotionally. So dealing with stress, and fighting illness becomes easier than if I was to just eat junk food and not go to the gym. I think my favourite winter comfort food is classic, chicken noodle soup.

Q&A What are your hopes for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics?

I am more focused on the 2022 Olympics, and if the opportunity arises for 2018 then I’ll be excited to take the opportunity to learn and gather more experience. My sights are set to be at my peak for 2022.

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