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The Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

By on January 7, 2016
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Garcinia cambogia has been used in the western world since the late 1960’s, in fact there is well over 12 years of clinical use! Clinically garcinia has been used to reduce lipid and triglyceride levels in the blood and increase metabolism, thus used for weight loss. 

Garcinia is known to support normal appetite levels, supports normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism, supports normal glycogen production and body weight.  

Traditionally it has been used in similar ways as we use it today, to achieve similar normal blood panel and satiety benefits. Some may commonly know garcinia as Malabar tamarind, used culinary to enhance the flavours of curries and to also make the dish ‘more filling and satisfying.’ Garcinia has also been used along with salt in the curing of fish. Historically garcinia was used to treat rheumatism and bowel complaints – those dealing with digestive issues and parasites.

The Himalaya Drug Company grows their garcinia in the evergreen forests in India native to where garcinia has been naturally harvested and grown for many years. In some areas, it has been found growing at heights up to 6,000 feet.  The extraction method has remained unchanged, using a traditional water extraction. The entire fingerprint of the plant has been added to the caplet, incorporating all specific chemical markers for potency from the root, stem, leaf, flowers and seeds, so that the entire herb is present. 

Himalaya Garcinia has been grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides making this one of the only organic garcinia products on the market today! No other substances have been added (no binders or fillers) making this 100% garcinia using Himalaya’s Pure Herb technology.

In order for our bodies to use or obtain energy from food, it needs to be broken down to glucose and glucose needs to be converted into glycogen. Glycogen is our body’s instant form of energy. In order to convert glucose into glycogen, glucose must be run through a very important energy cycle called the Krebs or Citric Acid cycle. This biochemical cycle is responsible for converting simple sugars into energy and storing additional energy in various forms of fats. For energy to continue the krebs/citric acid cycle must continually run. 

The reason why we are looking for a standardized and high percentage of the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in garcinia is because HCA acts very similar to our krebs/citric acid energy cycle. HCA acts as a friendly impersonator and blocks the production of fatty acids and cholesterol from this. In this process, HCA redirects traffic into producing glycogen, energy!
Instead of storing the extra energy as fat, food is used as should, turning into free floating energy! This very important process has a multiple effect on the body.  If our glycogen stores are topped up we simply have a lower appetite! This extra energy is available for a more active life! 

With all of this extra energy produced Garcinia not only increases physical activity, but it heats up the body by burning off extra fat that is already present. Contributing to a new form of thermogenesis (heat generating – fat burning) effect that does not involve the central nervous system.

It is interesting to note that people who continue to use Garcinia, report they start to naturally desire healthier foods! This could be as a result of glycogen stores being normal in the body. The impulse system is no longer overriding the choice for simple sugars/carb.  Healthier foods bring more nutrition back into the body and keep blood sugar levels stable.  Balancing blood sugar levels will improve one’s lifestyle as the negative effects of the blood sugar roller coaster are avoided.  
This is great news for those with weight challenges, blood sugar imbalances, syndrome-X, pre-diabetes and type 2 disabilities, with no known contraindications!t    

Nadine Nellissen has been interested in wholistic health since her involvement in sports at an early age. It was from an athletic viewpoint she realized the important connection between physical exercise, diet and emotional health.

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  1. dr.d d choudhary

    February 14, 2016 at 6:06 am

    Good informative article,specially benificial for triglyceride reduction where allpathic drugs are too toxic to be prescrive because of side eggects.It helps in appetite and weight reduction  and fat burning will helpnot only in diabetes reduction but also hypertion,hyper cholesteremia,dementia, insuline resistance, excercise tolerence and performance as well increase Immunity. what is the difference between Garcinia cambogia and garcinia  Indica ( kokum) extensivly used in india as soft drink (Sorbet), pickle, garnesing in dall pulses for sour taste chatteney etwith good skin and digestive properties.

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