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Be Eczema Free from Head to Toe

By on September 6, 2017
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Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, Itching? It is possible to manage eczema and other skin conditions and to prevent them from spreading. With the assistance of key ingredients and in-depth treatment, relief may be found.

Skin epidermis and dermis represent approximately 16% of a person’s body weight. Remember, the skin is one of the first lines of defence for your immune system. Regarding children with Atopic Dermatitis … 45% will show symptoms before the age of 6 months, 60% at the turn of one- year-old, 85% before the age of five years and 40% will be reached in adulthood.

Powerful Medicinal Plants and Essential Nutrients for Relief
Some phyto-therapeutic blends allow the elimination of metabolic waste by helping the blood, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system to function effectively. The addition of B vitamins and minerals promotes skin regeneration. 

A certain selection of B vitamins and minerals are known to prevent dry skin, dermatitis, promote regeneration of epithelial and promote growth of skin appendages, prevent rashes and skin eruptions and are essential for skin structure. 

They stabilize the structure of cellular membranes and promote the skin to heal faster. Some B vitamins are key to regenerate conjunctive tissue (skin). With chronic skin illness it is always the same vitamins and minerals required in larger amounts to fix conjunctive tissue. Depletion may be replenished with B3, B5, B6, B8 selenium and zinc.

The therapeutic indications of burdock applies to eczema, acne, hives, dermatitis and skin diseases in general with a lymphatic action. Burdock in effect allows the removal of metabolic wastes by acting on speeding up lymphatic drainage. 

The British Herbal Pharmacopeia recommends fumitory for the use of eczema and regulation of hepatic vesicular issues. Fumitory is perfect for a sensitive constitution. Also, the combination of pansy with rutin can protect, strengthen and counter capillary fragility found with rosacea. Figwort is stated to act as a dermatological agent and a mild diuretic. Traditionally, it has been used for wound healing, and for chronic skin diseases, specifically eczema, psoriasis and pruritis (itching).
Skin issues have several etiologies (causes). They should be evaluated in order to conduct the appropriate treatment. It is not uncommon to see at the same time asthma, allergic rhinitis, leaky gut… When a skin condition is present, the skin barrier is weakened, which can lead to infection.

To promote fast topical relief try Execalm cream as you supplement to treat from the inside out. Some key food modifications like hypotoxic regime/anti inflammatory diet will optimize results for your condition. 



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