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Baking Soda Revival, Cooks, Cleans and Clears the Air

By on October 22, 2013


(NC) Baking soda has long been the star of household cleaning and personal care in fact the number of uses for this simple box of powder is remarkable. Baking soda is a pure and natural substance, making it easy to use all over the house, even around children. It can be used in baking, as a cleaning product, and as an odour remover.Baking soda gets its name from one of its most traditional uses as a leavening agent for baked goods – but some of its other applications may surprise you. Here are just a few ways it can be used around the home:


•   Baking soda is a pure and natural cleanser, making it a great alternative to harsher chemicals, especially on clothes and other personal items. When used to clean clothes and other fabrics, baking soda balances the PH in your wash water, to get them cleaner, fresher and brighter. You can add a scoop to your regular wash cycle, or choose a detergent with baking soda already in it. 


•  The versatile powder neutralizes odours so it can be used to deodorize all over the house from the fridge to the car to the litter box.


• Try using baking soda as a facial scrub and body exfoliant. Its crystalline structure provides a gentle abrasion that helps to remove dirt and oil without scratching. Just be careful around the eyes.


• An oil stain on the garage floor is no problem. Use baking soda to clean up light-duty oil and grease spills on concrete by sprinkling it on the oil spot and scrubbing with a wet brush.


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